What are Flame Tamers for Gas Grills?

If you have stood beside a grill or are grilling meat yourself on a gas grill, you have probably seen flares or bursts of flames that come out from the heating chamber.

For some time, you thought that the flares made you look like a master chef. You’re wrong about that. Flares look cool and are picture-worthy for social media‌, but when they often happen, they could shorten the lifespan of your gas grill. The fires constantly heating your metal grill are the reason for this.

Flares could also lead to fires when they grow into huge flames and go out of control, especially when more oil drips on the fuel source to ignite them more.

Perhaps the most significant shortcoming of leaving flares to go unchecked is their effects on flavor. Flares make your food taste burned, and entirely obliterate some seasoning in it.

There are many solutions to stop flares, but the most advisable way is to use flame tamers for gas grills.

What is a Flame Tamer?

In modern grills, flame tamers are a barrier that stands between the cooking surface, where you rotate your meat, and the burners that release the heat. Flame tamers trap fat and oils falling from your fish, briskets, turkey, and chicken meat sitting on your grill from reaching the hot burners in the burning chamber.

The tamers are flat and fitted horizontally on the entire gas grill to trap fats that fall naturally because of gravity to the heat source underneath. Premium ones have a higher success rate of preventing flares than mid-range ones that only work to minimize the flares.

Apart from their protective properties that prevent uncontrolled flames, they also distribute the heat to improve cooking. Flame tamers also smoke when struck by the blazing heat from the heating chamber. So, if you’re looking for a smoky taste from your grilled meat, they’ll help you achieve it comfortably.

What Are The Various Types Of Flame Tamers?

Flame tamers fall into two categories, though they all function the same. However, some small advantages of one against the other can be the difference in the flavor of your meat. Here are some flame tamers you can consider for your gas grill.

Metal Flame Tamers

Metal flame tamers come in two varieties. The stainless steel types have a nice finish and distribute heat evenly on the grill. The porcelain-coated ones have a luxurious feel and work the same way as the finished metal ones. Picking one between the two boils down to personal preferences.

The other category of metal tamers are those that fit one by one below the grilling area and those that run entirely from one side of the gas grill to the other. While the two give similar results overall. The ones that run across your grill have a better heat distribution propensity on top of your burner for heating meat.

Ceramic Briquettes

Ceramics flame tamers do not have the full-width mode; they come in tiny pieces that you must arrange one by one below the grilling area. However, when fixed in place, they limit fats from reaching the heat source and reduce the chances of flares. They also distribute heat efficiently, unlike metallic flame tamers.

What Factors To Consider When Buying Flame Tamers

While flame tamers’ central aim is to limit flares or huge flames that can cause a lot of damage, they have a lot of influence on the overall flavor of your cooking. Quality flame tamers on the high end do a better job taming flares than cheap ones. They also add more flavor to your food by smoking. Here are some considerations when buying a flame tamer.


The type of material you choose for your flame tamer has a huge impact on the flavor of your food. Heat distribution is another point to consider when deciding the correct material to use as a flame tamer. Ceramic flame tamers are on the higher side in heat distribution and give your cooking a better experience.

Stainless steel tamers last longer because they’re less prone to breakage. They’re also easier to clean. They remain sparkling for a long time.

Customer Reviews

Previous buyers’ opinions are the best to consider when deciding to buy a flamer tamer. Flame tamers with excellent reviews on reputable sites are the best to consider for your grilling adventures.

You should avoid tamers with negative reviews at all costs, even if they are the cheapest you can find. Usually, your experience with them won’t be any different from the ones made by the reviewers.

You must look out for fake reviews, though. Reading several reviews and looking at the five-star rating average gives a proper standing point to gauge your decision.


When it comes to cost, it is important to choose a flame tamer that fits within your budget. While the best quality flame tamers give the best cooking experience by distributing the heat evenly and providing additional smoke for a better flavor, it will not make sense for you to go for the high-end ones while your gas grill falls under the lower-range category.


Flame tamers come in many forms, and so do metal grills. Before making a purchase, take measurements of your grill, or note down its series name before heading to the store to make a purchase.

Ceramic flame tamers come in small pieces that you arrange below the grilling area. On the other hand, some metallic ones cover the entirety of your grill. Knowing the width of your gas grill helps avoid regrets after making a purchase.


Flame tamers for gas grills are a thing of beauty when new. However, constant smoking and heating degrade their overall looks over time. While you can do little to avoid aging, consider that some flame tamers are easier to clean than others are.

Stainless steel is easier to clean than ceramic, meaning that if you want that glossy look that lasts, you must consider the former.

While ceramics offer superior quality when it comes to heat distribution, they cannot deliver on the ease of cleaning category. They’ll lose their shine quickly.

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