Best Fire Pit Grills for Outdoor Cooking Fun

Fire pits can bring warmth and an inviting atmosphere to any outdoor space. Adding a grill to your fire pit not only enhances its versatility but also makes outdoor cooking a fun and enjoyable experience. Fire pit grills allow us to combine the enjoyment of a campfire with the convenience of a barbecue, perfect for cooking everything from marshmallows to steaks.

When choosing the best fire pit grill, several factors are critical. The material of the fire pit affects its durability and heat retention, with options like cast iron, steel, and stainless steel being popular. Size and weight are also important considerations, especially if you plan to move the fire pit grill around the yard or take it on camping trips. Safety features like a sturdy base and a good spark screen are essential to prevent accidents.

We spent countless hours researching and reviewing various fire pit grills to find the ones that combine excellent design, durability, and ease of use.

Best Fire Pit Grills

We’re excited to share our top picks for the best fire pit grills. Let’s get ready for some cozy nights and delicious outdoor meals!


This fire pit grill is perfect for family gatherings and offers great functionality.


  • Versatile grill with 360-degree swivel
  • Durable steel construction
  • Convenient outer ledge for drinks


  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Grill attachment may be a little wonky
  • Slightly crooked panel on assembly

We recently got the BALI OUTDOORS Fire Pit Grill, and it’s been a hit at our family get-togethers. The grill’s 360-degree swivel feature makes cooking a breeze. We found the steel construction very sturdy, which adds to its longevity.

The fire pit also has a handy ledge around it, perfect for setting down drinks or snacks. It’s great that this outer ledge stays cool, even when the fire is roaring. Plus, it keeps children safe from the flames.

But, assembling it took a bit of time and patience. We noticed a slight tilt in one of the panels, but it didn’t affect the overall performance. The grill attachment works well, although it was a bit finicky to install. Despite these minor issues, we highly recommend this fire pit grill for its versatility and durability.


This versatile fire pit grill is perfect for those who love outdoor cooking and relaxing by the fire.


  • Rotates 360 degrees for convenient cooking
  • Easy to set up with simple instructions
  • Durable and long-lasting metal construction


  • Grill can rust if not maintained
  • Adjusting the grill height can be tricky
  • Lacks some stability on uneven ground

We had a great time using the BALI OUTDOORS Fire Pit Grill for cooking and enjoying outdoor fires. The 360-degree rotation of the grill made it super easy to cook everything evenly. Grilling burgers and veggies has never been more fun.

Setting up this fire pit was a breeze. We followed the clear instructions and had it ready in no time. The whole family pitched in, making it a fun activity for everyone. Even the kids were excited to see it come together.

Though it’s quite durable, we noticed a bit of rust forming on the grill after a few uses. A cover or storing it indoors would help prevent this. Overall, it’s a solid addition to our outdoor space and offers great value for its price.

Sunnydaze Fire Pit Grill

This fire pit grill is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor cooking and gathering around a cozy fire.


  • Large cooking area
  • Easy access to fire and grill
  • Portable and durable


  • Legs seem a bit wobbly
  • Can rust without extra care
  • Grill grate might warp

We found the Sunnydaze Fire Pit Grill really convenient for our barbecue sessions. The large 36-inch surface was perfect for hosting friends and family. With its hinged door, we could easily add firewood or access the grilling grate, making our cookouts smooth and fun.

The fire pit’s tubular metal rail made it easy to move around, which is great for camping trips. Plus, its sturdy steel build and black paint finish looked good in our backyard. We also appreciated the included spark screen and poker tool for added safety.

On the downside, the legs felt a bit unstable at times, and we noticed some rust spots forming after a few uses. A couple of cans of fire-treated paint solved this. The grill grate bent slightly after a few uses, so it’s something to watch out for.

Solo Stove Mesa XL

The Solo Stove Mesa XL is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add warmth and ambiance to their outdoor space.


  • Mighty heat in a small package
  • Versatile fuel options
  • Easy to carry and store


  • Requires frequent refueling
  • Limited to small fires
  • Can be pricey for its size

The Solo Stove Mesa XL instantly impresses with its compact yet powerful design. This fire pit does a great job at creating a cozy atmosphere on our patio. The stainless steel build ensures it’s both durable and lightweight, making it easy to move around.

One feature we loved is the dual fuel grate, which lets us use either wood or pellets. This flexibility means we can switch up our fuel source depending on availability. Additionally, the 360° airflow design ensures a consistent, smoke-free burn that keeps the fire going strong.

Although it excels in many areas, the Mesa XL does have a few drawbacks. The fire pit is small, which means it requires frequent refueling if we want to keep the fire burning for longer periods. Despite this, it’s perfect for short gatherings and quick fireside chats.

For those with limited space or frequent movers, the Mesa XL is a convenient and stylish addition to any outdoor setup. The included stand provides a safe base, and the portable carry bag makes transporting a breeze. The Solo Stove Mesa XL may be on the pricier side, but the experience it offers is well worth it for any fire enthusiast.

HOMPUS Fire Pit Table

Looking for a stylish and efficient fire pit table that adds a cozy touch to any outdoor space? This could be a great option.


  • Eco-friendly design
  • Easy to move with handles
  • Adjustable flame control


  • Heavy to set up
  • Some units may arrive damaged
  • Non-returnable policy

We really love how the HOMPUS Fire Pit Table looks on our patio. The imitation stone design fits perfectly with our décor. It’s not just pretty; it’s also practical with its smokeless, propane-fueled flames. The warmth it emits is more than enough for a cool evening, making it a delightful centerpiece for gatherings.

The adjustable flame knob is a great feature. We can change the flame size depending on the mood – whether we’re looking to keep warm or just add a flickering glow. The handles make it easy to move around if needed, which adds to its convenience.

One thing to note is that it’s quite heavy when setting it up. We had to get some help moving it. Also, while our experience with customer service was positive, some reviews mention issues with damage upon delivery. It’s important to be aware that the product is non-returnable, so checking it thoroughly upon arrival is crucial.

Overall, the HOMPUS Fire Pit Table is a solid choice for anyone wanting to add warmth and style to their outdoor space.

Solo Stove Yukon 2.0

The Solo Stove Yukon 2.0 is a worthwhile investment for those who want a powerful and stylish fire pit grill for their backyard.


  • Minimal smoke production
  • Easy ash cleanup
  • Durable stainless steel construction


  • Higher price point
  • Can get very hot quickly
  • Paint may chip

This fire pit grill not only looks amazing with its deep olive color, but it also works efficiently. The smoke reduction feature truly impressed us. We could enjoy the fire without the usual smoky smell clinging to our clothes.

The removable ash pan makes cleaning up a breeze. After a night of fun, lifting the base plate and emptying the ash pan was quick and easy. It’s great for those who like minimal hassle with maintenance.

However, it does come with a few drawbacks. The price is on the higher side. Plus, the pit gets very hot, which means we had to be extra careful around it. Additionally, we noticed a few chips in the paint after some use, which was a bit disappointing.

Overall, we love how it looks and performs. It’s a solid addition to any backyard, perfect for those who appreciate quality and efficiency.

SUNBURY Outdoor Propane Fire Pit

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional fire pit, SUNBURY’s option might be the perfect fit.


  • Sturdy and modern design
  • No smoke, propane-fueled
  • Adjustable flame levels


  • A bit heavy to move around
  • Gas tank door design could be improved
  • Slightly pricey

We found the performance of the SUNBURY Outdoor Propane Fire Pit to be impressive. It’s built with a concrete and stone look, making it not only durable but also a chic addition to our backyard. The stainless steel burner ensures even heating, and we love that it comes with lava rocks, adding an extra touch of elegance.

One of the best parts is the smoke-free experience it offers. Thanks to the propane gas burning, we can enjoy a cozy fire without dealing with the irritation of smoke. It’s also safe and easy to use, which makes our outdoor gatherings much more enjoyable.

The fire pit comes with an adjustable knob for flame control. Whether we need a gentle warmth for mild nights or a stronger heat for colder evenings, it’s easy to customize the flame level. The only downside we’ve noticed is its weight – at 109 pounds, it’s not the easiest to move around. Also, the gas tank door could use a better closure mechanism.

Despite these minor issues, we think this fire pit is a great investment for anyone looking to upgrade their outdoor living space. The quality and design make it worth the price, and it adds both functionality and style to our patio.

Sunnydaze Rustic Fire Pit

This fire pit is a fantastic choice for anyone wanting a durable, stylish addition to their outdoor space.


  • Great size for gatherings
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Easy to transport with handles


  • Color changes over time
  • Assembly required
  • Legs may be unstable on uneven ground

We really enjoyed using the Sunnydaze Rustic Fire Pit. Its 30-inch size was perfect for both small and large groups, allowing us to gather comfortably around it. The cast iron material feels sturdy and gives the fire pit a rustic charm that adds to any outdoor decor.

One of the highlights is how easy it is to move. The handles on each side make transportation a breeze, so taking it to the beach or a campsite was no issue at all. We had it set up within minutes and appreciated how convenient it was to get a fire going quickly.

On the downside, we noticed that the fire pit’s color started to change after a few uses due to the oxidized finish. While this isn’t a big problem, it’s something to be aware of if you’re particular about appearance. Also, setting it up on uneven ground made the legs a bit wobbly, so we had to find a stable spot.

Overall, the Sunnydaze Rustic Fire Pit is a solid option for anyone looking for a portable, durable, and stylish fire pit. The minor drawbacks are easily manageable, making this a worthwhile addition to your outdoor activities.

Buying Guide

When shopping for a fire pit grill, there are a few key features we need to consider to make sure we pick the best one.


  • Steel: Durable and can withstand high heat.
  • Cast Iron: Heavy, retains heat well but may rust.
  • Stainless Steel: Rust-resistant and easy to clean.


Consider how many people we plan to cook for. A larger cooking surface is great for big gatherings, while a smaller one is fine for small groups.


If we’re planning to take the grill camping or move it around our backyard, a lightweight and easy-to-assemble option is a must.

Heat Output

Measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units), higher BTUs mean more heat. Make sure the fire pit grill can reach high enough temperatures for our cooking needs.

Additional Features

  • Grates and Plates: Adjustable or removable grates allow for more cooking options.
  • Safety Features: Look for spark guards, covers, and handles that don’t get hot.
  • Storage and Accessories: Some models come with shelves or hooks for tools.
Feature Importance Our Notes
Material High Look for durability.
Size Medium Depends on group size.
Portability High Check weight and assembly.
Heat Output High BTUs matter for heat.
Extra Features Medium to High Adds convenience and safety.

By keeping these points in mind, we can find a fire pit grill that suits our needs and makes our outdoor cooking experience enjoyable.

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