Best Blackstone Griddles for Outdoor Cooking Adventures

Griddles are a popular choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. They offer a large, flat cooking surface perfect for anything from pancakes to burgers. Unlike traditional grills, griddles heat evenly and can be used for foods that would fall through regular grill grates. This makes them versatile and efficient for various cooking styles.

Blackstone griddles are especially well-known in this category. They’ve built a strong reputation for quality and durability. These griddles come in various sizes, from small portable models to large ones suited for feeding a crowd. Their gas-powered design ensures you get consistent heat, making it easier to cook your meals to perfection.

When choosing a Blackstone griddle, there are some critical factors to consider. First is size—think about how much cooking surface you need and how much storage space you have. Fuel type is another consideration; most Blackstone griddles use propane, which is easy to find and use. Portability might be a factor if you’re planning to take your griddle on trips. Also, check for features like side shelves and grease management systems.

We spent countless hours researching and testing several Blackstone griddles to find the best options for every kind of home cook.

Best Blackstone Griddles

We’ve gathered our top picks for the best Blackstone griddles. Let’s explore the options that are perfect for your next cookout!

Blackstone 22″ Tabletop Griddle

This portable and compact griddle is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their outdoor cooking experience.


  • Easy to transport
  • Heats up quickly
  • Versatile cooking options


  • Accessories not included
  • Can be a bit large for small tables
  • Requires regular maintenance to prevent rust

The Blackstone 22″ Tabletop Griddle is a game-changer for our outdoor cooking adventures. We’ve been able to whip up everything from breakfast to dinner with ease. The compact size makes it perfect for camping, tailgating, and even backyard barbecues. Despite its small footprint, it offers a surprising amount of cooking space.

Setting it up is a breeze. The built-in igniters are highly reliable, and the two burners heat up the griddle quickly. Cooking on it feels effortless. The adjustable-height rubber feet mean we never have to worry about uneven surfaces. This has been a lifesaver during our camping trips.

Cleaning up after cooking is manageable thanks to the grease catcher. It’s not a big deal to keep it clean, which is good since regular maintenance is essential to prevent rust. While it doesn’t come with accessories like a hood or wind guards, we think the performance makes up for it. If you’re serious about outdoor cooking, this griddle is worth considering.

Blackstone 28″ Gas Griddle

This griddle is great for anyone who loves outdoor cooking and needs a versatile and durable grilling option.


  • Large cooking surface
  • Easy to transport
  • Quick and even heating


  • Heavy to move around
  • Requires regular seasoning
  • Initial assembly can be tricky

We love the Blackstone 28″ Gas Griddle for its spacious cooking surface. With 470 square inches, we can easily cook up a big breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Whether we’re making pancakes, grilled cheese, or a steak, there’s plenty of room for everything.

The portability of this griddle is impressive too. The wheels and foldable legs make it easy to move from our backyard to the campground. It’s a convenient feature for those who love to cook outdoors often.

While there are many positives, the griddle does have a few drawbacks. It’s quite heavy, so moving it around can be a workout. Plus, seasoning the griddle takes a bit of time to get it ready for use. But once it’s seasoned, cooking is a breeze.

For anyone who enjoys outdoor griddling, the Blackstone 28″ Gas Griddle is a fantastic pick, providing durability, ease of use, and plenty of cooking space.

Blackstone 28″ Griddle with Hood and Side Shelves

This griddle is a versatile and powerful tool for anyone who loves outdoor cooking.


  • Large cooking surface
  • Dual side shelves
  • Easy cleanup


  • Heavy to move
  • Some assembly required
  • Propane hookup issues

We had a fantastic time trying out the Blackstone 1883 Griddle. With its spacious 524 square inch cooking surface, we were able to cook a variety of foods at once. From pancakes to burgers, everything turned out perfectly.

The counter-height side shelves made meal prep so convenient. We loved having more space to organize ingredients and serve food. Plus, the rear grease management system simplified cleanup, making the entire experience hassle-free.

Moving the griddle was a bit challenging despite the wheels, and setting it up initially required some patience. However, once operational, it delivered reliable performance with its dual H-style burners. For anyone who enjoys outdoor cooking, this griddle is a worthy investment.

Blackstone 28” Omnivore Griddle

A great choice for anyone who loves outdoor cooking and needs a durable, efficient griddle with plenty of cooking space.


  • Large cooking surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Independent heating zones


  • Can be heavy to move
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Some users reported peeling

Our experience with the Blackstone Iron Forged 28” Griddle has been quite positive. The 524 square-inch griddle top provides ample space to cook for a crowd. We’ve made everything from breakfast feasts to dinner delights on this versatile unit. Whether it’s pancakes or burgers, the food cooks evenly thanks to the Omnivore Griddle Plate Technology.

The griddle’s cleanup is hassle-free due to its rear grease management system. We appreciate how it funnels grease and debris neatly into the grease cup. This feature saves us so much time and effort, which makes post-cook cleanup quicker than ever. The independent heating zones are also a huge plus, allowing us to cook different meals simultaneously.

There are a couple of drawbacks we noticed. The griddle is quite heavy, which makes moving it around a bit of a challenge. Also, regular maintenance is necessary to prevent issues like peeling. Despite these cons, the dual side shelves and accessory bar system add a lot of usability. They provide additional prep space and keep our tools within easy reach, enhancing our overall cooking experience.

Overall, this griddle has been a reliable addition to our outdoor kitchen setup, offering both versatility and efficiency. If you’d like to explore more about this product, you can check it out here.

Blackstone 36″ Gas Griddle

This griddle is a must-buy for anyone looking to elevate their outdoor cooking experience.


  • Large cooking surface for versatile meals
  • Easy to start with battery-powered ignition
  • Great heat control with four burners


  • Requires space due to large size
  • Takes effort for proper cleaning
  • Initial cost is high

Having used the Blackstone 36″ Gas Griddle, we were impressed by the ample cooking surface. It allowed us to prepare multiple dishes at once, from breakfast eggs to dinner steaks. The two side shelves and bottom shelf also came in handy for food storage and prep.

The battery-powered ignition was a game-changer. We didn’t have to fuss with matches or kerosene, making the grilling process smooth and hassle-free. The four burners provided excellent heat control, letting us cook different foods simultaneously at varied temperatures.

Though the griddle’s large size is great for cooking, it does take up a lot of space. Cleaning it thoroughly can be a bit of work, despite the grease management system. Plus, the initial investment is pretty steep, but we believe the cooking experience and build quality justify the price.

Blackstone Universal Griddle Stand

This griddle stand is perfect for those who want a sturdy and portable base for their Blackstone griddle.


  • Highly portable due to collapsible legs and removable shelf
  • Adjustable legs ensure a level cooking surface on any terrain
  • Side shelf offers extra space for cooking tools and ingredients


  • Sometimes, the crossbars may not be as sturdy
  • Legs can be a bit flimsy under heavy load
  • Lack of wheels makes it harder to move

We found this stand incredibly easy to set up and take down, even when we were in a rush. The adjustable legs are a real lifesaver, especially for camping trips where the ground is often uneven. The added side shelf is spacious enough to hold all our cooking tools and ingredients, making our outdoor cooking smooth and enjoyable.

The portability of this stand cannot be overstated. It folds up neatly and fits right into our vehicle, making it a great travel companion. One thing we did notice, though, is that sturdiness can be an issue. On tricky terrains, the legs felt a bit wobbly, requiring some extra caution during use.

Despite a few minor issues, the convenience and functionality of this stand make it a valuable addition to our camping gear. It supports both the 17″ and 22″ Blackstone griddles perfectly, ensuring we have a reliable cooking setup no matter where our adventures take us.

Blackstone On-the-Go Griddle

Great for small gatherings but has some issues.



  • Difficult to set up
  • Handle breaks easily
  • Poor build quality

Cooking for a small group on the Blackstone On-the-Go Griddle was quite an adventure. Its 22-inch Omnivore griddle plate gives enough room to cook meals for up to four people, making it perfect for family outings. The grill heats up quickly and maintains temperature well, thanks to its patented technology.

We love its portability. Folding legs and wheels make it easy to move around, almost like wheeling a suitcase. Setting up at a campsite or for a picnic is a breeze. But, assembly can be frustrating; aligning the holes took longer than expected.

Besides the setup, the handle broke on our first trip, which was disappointing. Despite the issues, the rear grease management system made cleanup quick and easy. We appreciated the easy cleanup after cooking.

Blackstone Portable Griddle

This portable Blackstone griddle is a fantastic choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts who need a reliable, easy-to-use griddle that can go anywhere.


  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport
  • Quick heating with 12,000 BTUs
  • Simple to clean with integrated grease tray


  • Requires propane adapter hose for larger tanks (sold separately)
  • Limited cooking space for larger groups
  • Legs may not be stable on very uneven surfaces

This Blackstone griddle is incredibly portable, making it perfect for camping trips, tailgating, or even just cooking in the backyard. We love how it heats up quickly and gets us cooking in no time. The adjustable feet ensure that it stays stable, even on uneven ground, which is great when we’re out in the woods.

The griddle surface is large enough to handle a satisfying breakfast or dinner for a small family. We easily cooked up a mix of pancakes and bacon for a morning meal, and the even heat distribution means everything came out just right. Although it’s small, the cooking area can fit quite a bit of food.

Cleaning up is a breeze thanks to the integrated grease tray. We simply slide it out, dump the drippings, and wipe down the cooking surface. This griddle definitely makes our outdoor cooking experiences much more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best Blackstone griddle, we need to consider several key features. Let’s dive into what matters most when buying one.


  • Compact (17 inches): Great for small patios or taking on the go.
  • Standard (22 inches): A balance between portability and cooking space.
  • Large (28-36 inches): Ideal for big families or large gatherings.

Cooking Surface

  • Material: Most are made of cold-rolled steel. It’s durable and easy to clean.
  • Surface area: Consider how many people we usually cook for.

Burner Performance

  • BTUs: Higher BTUs mean more heat. Typical range is 12,000 to 36,000 BTUs.
  • Number of burners: More burners offer better heat control.


  • Wheels: Make sure there are sturdy wheels for easier movement.
  • Weight: Lightweight models are perfect for camping.

Extras to Look For

  • Grease Management: Systems to catch and remove grease can save us a lot of hassle.
  • Side Shelves: Extra space for prep and utensils.
  • Cover: Protects the griddle from weather and keeps it clean.

Adding these features will help make our cooking experience even more enjoyable. Let’s keep these points in mind to choose the best Blackstone griddle for our needs.

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