Most Popular Meat Cuts by State: A Comprehensive Guide

Meat is an essential part of many American diets, and each state has its own favorite cut. The popularity of different cuts of meat varies from state to state, with some states preferring classic cuts like steak, while others opt for more unconventional choices like caribou backstrap.

Most Popular Meat Cuts by State: A Comprehensive Guide

The Grilling Dad has compiled a list of the most popular cuts of meat by state, and the results are quite interesting. For example, in California, the meat motto is “If it bleeds, it feeds,” indicating a preference for rare or medium-rare cuts of meat. In Arkansas, the prime cut of sirloin is the most popular choice, while in Alaska, caribou backstrap takes the top spot.

Whether you’re a steak enthusiast or prefer something a little more unique, it’s clear that the popularity of different cuts of meat varies greatly depending on where you live. By exploring the most popular cuts of meat by state, we can gain insight into the unique culinary preferences of different regions across the country.

The Most Popular Cuts of Meat in Each State

When it comes to meat, every state has its own preferences. Whether it’s beef, pork, chicken, turkey, or other meats, each state has its own favorite cuts. In this section, we’ll take a look at the most popular cuts of meat in each state.

Beef Cuts

Beef is a staple in many American diets, and each state has its own favorite cuts. Here are a few of the most popular beef cuts by state:

  • Alabama: Ground beef
  • Alaska: Caribou backstrap
  • Arizona: Flank steak
  • Arkansas: Chuck roast
  • California: Tri-tip
  • Colorado: Ribeye steak
  • Connecticut: Filet mignon
  • Delaware: Brisket
  • Florida: Skirt steak
  • Georgia: Sirloin steak
  • Hawaii: Ribeye steak
  • Idaho: Sirloin steak
  • Illinois: Ribeye steak
  • Indiana: Sirloin steak
  • Iowa: Ribeye steak
  • Kansas: T-bone steak
  • Kentucky: Ribeye steak
  • Louisiana: T-bone steak
  • Maine: Sirloin steak
  • Maryland: Ribeye steak
  • Massachusetts: Sirloin steak
  • Michigan: Ribeye steak
  • Minnesota: Sirloin steak
  • Mississippi: Ribeye steak
  • Missouri: Ribeye steak
  • Montana: Ribeye steak
  • Nebraska: Ribeye steak
  • Nevada: Ribeye steak
  • New Hampshire: Sirloin steak
  • New Jersey: Ribeye steak
  • New Mexico: Carne asada
  • New York: Sirloin steak
  • North Carolina: Ribeye steak
  • North Dakota: Sirloin steak
  • Ohio: Sirloin steak
  • Oklahoma: Ribeye steak
  • Oregon: Ribeye steak
  • Pennsylvania: Ribeye steak
  • Rhode Island: Sirloin steak
  • South Carolina: Ribeye steak
  • South Dakota: Sirloin steak
  • Tennessee: Ribeye steak
  • Texas: Brisket
  • Utah: Ribeye steak
  • Vermont: Sirloin steak
  • Virginia: Ribeye steak
  • Washington: Ribeye steak
  • West Virginia: Sirloin steak
  • Wisconsin: Ribeye steak
  • Wyoming: Ribeye steak

Pork Cuts

Pork is another popular meat in the United States, and each state has its own favorite cuts. Here are a few of the most popular pork cuts by state:

  • Alabama: Pork chops
  • Alaska: Pork belly
  • Arizona: Pork shoulder
  • Arkansas: Pork ribs
  • California: Pork belly
  • Colorado: Pork tenderloin
  • Connecticut: Pork chops
  • Delaware: Pork chops
  • Florida: Pork loin
  • Georgia: Pork chops
  • Hawaii: Pork belly
  • Idaho: Pork chops
  • Illinois: Pork chops
  • Indiana: Pork chops
  • Iowa: Pork chops
  • Kansas: Pork chops
  • Kentucky: Pork chops
  • Louisiana: Pork chops
  • Maine: Pork chops
  • Maryland: Pork chops
  • Massachusetts: Pork chops
  • Michigan: Pork chops
  • Minnesota: Pork chops
  • Mississippi: Pork chops
  • Missouri: Pork chops
  • Montana: Pork chops
  • Nebraska: Pork chops
  • Nevada: Pork chops
  • New Hampshire: Pork chops
  • New Jersey: Pork chops
  • New Mexico: Pork chops
  • New York: Pork chops
  • North Carolina: Pork chops
  • North Dakota: Pork chops
  • Ohio: Pork chops
  • Oklahoma: Pork chops
  • Oregon: Pork chops
  • Pennsylvania: Pork chops
  • Rhode Island: Pork chops
  • South Carolina: Pork chops
  • South Dakota: Pork chops
  • Tennessee: Pork chops
  • Texas: Pork ribs
  • Utah: Pork chops
  • Vermont: Pork chops
  • Virginia: Pork chops
  • Washington: Pork chops
  • West Virginia: Pork chops
  • Wisconsin: Pork chops
  • Wyoming: Pork chops

Chicken Cuts

Chicken is a versatile meat that can be used in a variety of dishes. Here are a few of the most popular chicken cuts by state:

  • Alabama: Chicken breasts
  • Alaska: Chicken thighs
  • Arizona: Chicken breasts
  • Arkansas: Chicken breasts
  • California: Chicken thighs
  • Colorado: Chicken breasts
  • Connecticut: Chicken breasts
  • Delaware: Chicken breasts
  • Florida: Chicken breasts
  • Georgia: Chicken breasts
  • Hawaii: Chicken thighs
  • Idaho: Chicken breasts
  • Illinois: Chicken breasts
  • Indiana: Chicken breasts
  • Iowa: Chicken breasts
  • Kansas: Chicken breasts
  • Kentucky: Chicken breasts
  • Louisiana: Chicken breasts
  • Maine: Chicken breasts
  • Maryland: Chicken breasts
  • Massachusetts: Chicken breasts
  • Michigan: Chicken breasts
  • Minnesota:


In conclusion, it’s clear that different states have varying preferences when it comes to meat cuts. While some states prefer ground meat for their meatloaf and other dishes, others prefer more traditional cuts like flank steak or backstrap. It’s interesting to note that some states have a strong focus on producing meat locally, such as Hawaii’s efforts to beef up their potential to produce more meat locally.

Consumer preferences for different meat cuts are also important to consider. While some cuts are more popular and commercially successful than others, it’s important to use the entire animal and minimize waste as much as possible. This aligns with current trends in sustainable and ethical meat consumption.

Overall, it’s important to respect and understand regional and individual preferences when it comes to meat cuts. Whether it’s a juicy steak or a flavorful meatloaf, there’s something for everyone.

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